48 Hours In Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherland

We boarded night bus and crossed from England to Holland by Newcastle Amsterdam ferry then continued our bus journey to arrive at Amsterdam Centraal the next morning. The brick buildings, narrow houses along the canals, colourful bikes and the laid-back atmosphere here easily make Amsterdam our favourite city so far! Besides, the good traffic with bikes, trams as well as the extensive canal systems definitely make it very different from other busy capitals across the world.

Walking aimlessly

Amsterdam Centraal Station

With only 48 hours to start with in Amsterdam, we had no clue where to start as there was just so much to explore! While a lot of people usually go for boat tour when they first arriving but we did not go for it because we were on budget and we believed that our experience through walking would be the same (or even better).

After checking in to our airbnb, we realized that we still have a few hours to spare before our half day trip to Zaanse Schans. We then slowly walked towards the central directions and stopped at a few different spots to get a feel of Amsterdam. We sat on random benches to watch people feeding pigeons and swans by the canal. 

The building architecture styles indeed are very unique and are mostly very narrow which make them a little bit impractical? We were so shocked when entering our airbnb because it was so narrow which made going up and down the staircase with our luggages a big challenge because it was very steep. 

Half day trip to fairyland

Zaanse Schans

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The central station was way too stunning. I mean, It looks like a museum / hotel / mall or at least something greater than just a.. station? We went into the tourist office and bought our tickets to Zaanse Schans.

We alighted at Koog-Zaandijk after 17 minutes of train ride and the windmills were in our sights after crossing  the bridge to the east bank of Zaan’s River (about 10 minutes walk).

Who says you cant head out of Amsterdam to see windmills with just 48 hours? Despite having only a short stay here, we would never want to miss our the chance to tick off this from our must-see list as Zaanse Schans is rated to be the top tourist spot in Netherlands for the past few years. 

The houses and everything here just felt so unreal as if we visited a fairyland.

It started to rain after we had arrived the place for a short while , so depressing right? In spite of that, we still had a good time hidding in a cafe and sipping hot coffee while planning for the next stop of our Europe trip. 

I amsterdam hotspot


The signboard is located behind Museumplein (the place where all the famous museums such as Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh Museum situated). Same as any other famous tourist attractions, this place get crowded really early. People would photograph themselves in, around and on top of the slogan so come as early as 7 am or earlier if you want a solo shot with the board!

There was a cafe and park located beside the signboard. We grabbed a light breakfast here and went for a short stroll around the park and we just plainly fell in love with how people here just live so casually as if nothing ever worries them. 

Visit or skip the museum?


There are many people who recommend to allocate an entire day to exploring the museum. Thus, we thought that it would be better to leave it to next visit instead of just rushing the visit. It is definitely one of the regrets in our Europe trip.  At least taking photos with the beautiful backyards made us feel so much better. 

Morning treats at local open-air market

Albert Cuyp Market

Albert Cuyp Markt is the largest ourdoor local market in Amsterdam and it is located 10 minutes walk away from Rjiksmuseum so you can visit it in the same morning. Walking along the street you will find yourselves surrounded by bricks buildings with a lot of stalls lining up along the street. From clothings to secondhand treasures, fresh fruits and tasty food, you will sure find something for yourself. 

We were not sure what was this but it tasted like Kebab with bread. We loved that they added cheese and have a lot of sauces for you to add on. You can see how much HP liked it haha

Something that i can never deny: I LOVE BERRIES. It was so satisfied to munch on these succulent fresh berries because you can't find anything fresher back in Singapore!

Lost in navigation


On the second day we decided to just wander around because we started to get a little frustrated by just constantly getting lost by missing turns or small alleys! haha but we actually got to see a lot about Amsterdam unintentionally while we were finding our ways. We mostly rely on trams and walking but not biking because the motor scooters here are in the bike lanes (so scary right? I know). Plus, we are not really good at cycling. So we purchased a 2 days travel pass for about €20 and it can be used  all public transport in Amsterdam, including the airport train link.

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Just walking through the canals can leave you inspired with many things.

The desserts and waffles looked so unreal like display items.

Dutch fries @ Manneken Pis. The fries are chunky and crispy on the outside but soft from the inside. We did not find it anything different from the normal fries apart from having more sauce flavors to choose from.

We spent our evening at Vondel Park and night at the red light district before leaving to Paris the next morning.