7 Must-Do Things In Bugis

Bugis, Singapore

Known for its positive vibes and abstract grafitti, Bugis is one of the top tourist attractions in Sg and also a place where hipsters gather. We have compiled 7 must-do things in Bugis, so if its your first time here, don't miss it!

1. Visit the Masjid Sultan

Kampong Glam

Masjid Sultan standing and shining proud in gold! It is situated beside Haji Lane so you can do both together! Surrounding the mosque are the vibrant mix of all Middle-east restaurants, stores selling rugs and souvenirs. 

We walked a little further and found this gate that frames the mosque so nicely that has made it more unique to take pictures with. It was a challenge for photographer to take photo here because it is at roadside. So look out for speeding cars and come really early before the traffic hits!

2. Enjoy the street art along Haji Lane

Haji Lane

Direction: Alight at Bugis MRT and take the exit to Victoria Street and just google map all the way!

There are surprises in every corner you turn! All the shops and street wall are taken over by different eye-catching street art and decorations.

You may easily miss out Haji Lane because you will not be welcomed by these pop-colour and vibrant street art. Instead, look out for cafes or crowd as you follow google map and you will not be wrong. The shophouses here are used to be abandoned however after refurbishing, they are now extremely lovely shops and quaint galleries. 

3. Take photos with the quirky shophouses

Haji Lane

You can easily fritter away the entire morning taking pictures with these tastefully designed shops.

Don't waste your artistic gene and poser instinct! With all the alluring storefronts, from pastel chic style, to antique vintage look, I believe you can find one to fit your instagram feed. The lane only comes alive in the afternoon. So don't bother coming here so early if you wanted to do shopping! 

4. Try the famous Blanco Court Prawn Noodles

Beach Road

The famous Blanco Court Prawn Noodles hides in one of the Haji Lane shophouses. We order one Jumbo prawn noodles ($8.5) and Sliced prawn & pork rib noodles ( $4.8). It was so satisfying to bite into the jumbo prawn! Perfect breakfast with local coffee.

Address: 243 Beach Road, #01-01, 189754

Operating hours: 7am - 4pm (Close on Tuesday)

5. Visit the Duo Galleria

Fraser Street

Duo Galleria is definitely one sweet surprise! in the heart of Singapore. Besides using as working spaces and residential purposes, it also comprises Andaz Hotel (by Hyatt Hotel Corporation). It is about 10 minutes walk from Haji Lane, or you can directly come from Bugis Mrt Exit E. We love the honeycomb structure, makes it very outstanding among other skyscrappers. and we heard that the inside is as good as the outside. Time to plan a pampering luxe retreat? 

6. Climb up the spiral staircases

Bugis Street

If you happen to go shopping at Bugis Village, don't forget to hunt these swirling staircases down in the alley behind the building! You may need a bit luck to sneak up the staircases as most of the doors are locked for residential purpose. 

7. Soak in local temple culture

Waterloo Street

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple is packed with devotees worshopping and making merit to the Goddess of Mercy. It is one of the oldest Chinese temple in Singapore and its ancient chinese courtyard appearance still remains. You will be amazed by its strong culture radiant as you see people religiously mumbling prayers and giving offerings.

There ae people selling flowers, fruits and joysticks around the temple. We also spotted a few fortune telling stalls, and this particular one with a queue! A few steps away we found Sri Krishnan Temple, a Hindu Temple. We were surprised we saw many Chinese praying in that temple too! We love the close proximity of different religious buildings because it symbolized harmony between races here.