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Garden Of The Future

Other time when we are not travelling to other countries, we love to explore Singapore over the weekends. We have been to Garden by the bay multiple times, and each time we found new photo perspectives and still left amazed. In this blog, follow us through one of the most famous attractions - Cloud Forest.

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Alighted from Bayfront MRT and on our way to Supertree Groove. Marina Bay is just right beside.

DSC05768 2

Find this spot above Satay by the bay. There is staircases beside the foodcourt leading you up to this lookout walkway.


Looking from the ground.


Tallest man-made waterfall


Tickets are priced at $12 (for residents and work pass holders like us) and $16 for visitos. As you entered into Cloud Forest, you will be welcomed by cold air blowing through you and jets of vapours hitting your face. This waterfall is titled to be the tallest man-made waterfall in the world, looking at the water lashing down is indeed magnificient. 


Beautiful achitecture pouring beautiful sunlight and shadows into the forest.

Cloud forest is a domed conservatory, other than the well-known waterfall, it is also filled with diverse lush plantation and built with cloud walk platform which allows you to admire the mountain realm from top.



We took a lift and ascended up to the highest walkway. The mist veil adds a mysterious touch to everything as if we were in a real mountain forest! 



I loved the wooden human sculptures and lego flowers found everywhere!!


Slowly walking down to the next level. 


All plantation are mostly found above 2000 sea level, thats why it requires controlled low temperature to maintain its ecosystems here.


We really enjoy spending our morning there and enjoying our couple time together. As nature things are rarely found in Singapore, we left here feeling refreshed and recharged for another new week. 



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