Kamandalu Ubud

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

I believe Kamandalu Villa is no stranger to you. Popular with its traditional-contemporary luxurious style and floating breakfast, this location has been checked in by thousands of people every day. What makes Kamandalu different from other luxurious villa is that they prepared a lot of insta-worthy activities for the guests to enjoy. It is not exaggerating at all to say Kamandalu Ubud is one of the best stays in Bali and we are glad to be able to tick this off from our hotel bucket lists.

Location: Ubud
Room Type: Garden Villa
Price: High - SGD286.75 from Agoda on 26 July 2018

First impression

Location: 1 hour drive from Denpasar airport and 10 minutes from Ubud Center with free shuttle bus available every 1-2 hour. Near distance fram various popular attractions such as monkey forest, tenggallalang rice field and Ubud Art Market.  

Check in: Upon arrival we felt like as if we were royals entering a palace because the main gate was enclosed and only opened for their guests' arrival. Besides, the vehicle will go through security check as well. Check-in process was smooth and complementary drinks and towels were served. The staffs hospitality was great.

Kamandalu Ubud is huge! Apart from containing 58 villas which make the entire place looking like a village itself, they even have their own rice terrace in their villa compound!! (with a few resident ducks too!)

Garden Villa

Our villa was upgraded from Ubud Chalet to Garden Villa during our stay. Probably it was due to a few villas were undergoing renovations at that point of time.

Garden villa features a a shaded day bed in a private landscaped garden under a thatched roof however the view was not stunning because it was just overlooking other villas haha

It was said that every villa is designed differently depends on the landscape so you would never get two rooms the same. The room is very generous on space and look the the giant wooden King sized bed! Probably can fit 4 of me. 

Love the thoughtfullness and customized welcoming letter.

I have to specially mention on their Yukata bathrobes because it was SOOO COMFORTABLE. Different from usual hotels that provide white normal bathrobes, I am so in love with their Yukata!! I even managed to convince HP to take couple shots in bathrobes (which he was so resistant at first!)

Bathroom: Very spacious and luxurious marbled bathroom with lavatories provided. There are outdoor shower and bathtub availabe which allows you to relax in the nature yet with ample privacy.

Cupboard: Complimentary tea and coffee, security locker, mini bar and Yukata bathrob. 

Beyond the villa

If you cannot afford to stay in their pool villa like us, no worries as they have two public pools. One main swimming pool and one more in Awana pool and lounge (where floating breakfast is served)

Tree Deck, an instaworthy viewpoint to take photo. This place is also where you have your picnic lunch or forest dining. Click here to see the activites.

Alun alun, a place where you can hold your wedding or any ceremony here.

watching #skyporn in a Bali hut situated n the middle of their beautiful paddy field.

Romantic dining at Tipi. You can reserve their private candlelight dinner at a cost. It was so romantic so if you are planning a proposal this would be a good choice haha 

Swing in forest spa which only available for spa guests. We were not allowed to use this facility because we were not their spa guests which was quite upset because one of our primary intentions of this stay was for this swing ;(

The floating breakfast vs complementary breakfast

ALWAYS TAKE THE FIRST TIME SLOT for your floating breakfast if your breakfast was to be served in public pool. (as pool villa guests will have their breakfast in their private pool). Just let the staff know what time you want to be there.
Ultimately it is all for that pictures, am I right? :p

Their pool is kinda deep for a shortie like me. My feet could not touch the base at all. I was just sitting at the ledge throughout the entire breakfast time haha. The view was amazing as it overlooks Ubud's terraced hillside and the morning fog gave us a mysterious and romantic feel.

Price (Floating breakfast): 816K IDR (SGD 74.5/ MYR 223)

A giant feast, ikr. All items were pre-selected by us the day before. What you see here is only the part 1, there were still a few items at the pool side because the tray just could'nt fit so many plates.


  • 4 main courses (Egg Benedict, Scrambled Egg on Toast, Nasi Goreng and Mee Goreng)
  • 2 plates of fruits
  • 1 plate of croissants and danish pastries
  • 2 bowl of fruits oatmeal/yoghurt
  • 2 traditional desserts (smth like Bubur Cacar)
  • 2 smoothies, 2 coffees and a bottle of champagne

Not sure if I miss out anything...

Not many options left at 11am but the food was not bad!

Complimentary breakfast starts from 7am-10am at Petulu restaurant. It was so nice of them to still serve us breakfast when we arrived at 11am because we remembered the timing wrongly. It was a lovely morning breakfast becase the restaurant was located right beside the lush paddy field! It was so entertaining to watch the ducks walking in line in the rice terraces. 

Overall experience - Verdict 4/5

We personally feel that staying one night here is never enough to explore the entire villa because there are just too many things to do. The entire experience was more like exploring a small village in Ubud. Although we were quite disappointed not being able to take photo with the swing at forest spa, the overal stay was very pleasant. I would really recommend this stay experience for at least once in your lifetime (even for just only a night) if you ever visited Ubud!

Good: Various personalized experience to choose from, hospitality, breathtaking views, shuttle bus available.

Bad:  Not cost-friendly.

Disclaimer - Not sponsored.