Munduk Moding Plantation

Munduk, Bali, Indonesia

Munduk Moding Plantation (MMP) is a 4-star accommodation located in North Bali, Munduk. We chanced upon this hotel while our eyes being captured by the trending perfect infinity pool on internet which researching on our Munduk trip. We decided to give it a try and to help you guys to decide if this villa worth your visit :)

Location: Munduk
Price: High - SGD304.43 from Agoda on 26 July 2018

First impression

Scenic view along the way from airport to Munduk. Feeling really excited on the first day. We did not see many tourists here but a lot of local visitors. We immediately fell in love with its cooling weather and the unspoiled nature.

Location: Munduk Moding Plantation (MMP) is about 2.5 hours drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport. If you wish to have hotel transfer from airport, MMP provides such service at price of USD50. As it is situated on a mountain, the way up the mountain was mostly all winding roads with all twists and turns. 

Check-in: Check-in time is 2pm however we arrived early at about 1230hours. After completing the check-in procedure, we requested the staff to see if our room is ready because we were exhausted from midnight flight and we were informed to wait for about 30-40 minutes for the room to get ready. After 1 hour we approached the staff again to see if the room is ready and we were told the check in time was 2pm. I was slightly disapppointment at that time as was told different thing however the staff was attentive and quickly got our room ready for us.

Complementary welcome drinks (Ginger tea) and towels were served.

Villa - Loving the secludedness!

The moment we entered to our villa we were welcome by a huge king sized bed. The entire room is very spacious and bath rooms are separated at the back of the room. There are one indoor shower room and a bath tub which are all clean and nice, on top of that there is another outdoor shower area which we are so impressed! One thing we wish they could improve on is the hot water supply in bathroom as the water turns cold after about 30 minutes.

Cleanliness is good despite surrounded by all trees and flowers (so far no moisquitors or any insect bites :p). Huge glass window panels installed lets the natural light to come in.

What we love the most is the experience of privacy which allows us to do whatever we want with privacy eg doing a few crazy shots here. 

We had a complementary fruit plate and Munduk coffee in our room.

We spent the entire day here without getting bored!

Take a tour in their plantation. You can visit their plantation any time of the day without any charges. Besides, they also provide various tours and programs everyday for their guests which require early bookings. 

Take a swim at their inifity pool and catch the best sunset in Bali. As the villa is located up on the mountain, the pool water colour depends on the reflections of sky colour. The limited number of guests staying here provides us more privacy and comfort while using these facilities. 

Have a relaxing jacuzzi. We really enjoyed dipping in the jacuzzi! It was the best experience during our stay here. With the cool breeze and unparalleled view of mountains, soaking in the outdoor hot tub released all our tension and stress. We came back here twice for this!


Food - Surprisingly affordable

Private dinner dining: We ordered room service to dine in our own comfort. As MMP is considered one of the most luxurious place we have stayed in, we did not expect the food price is so affordable. You can view their full menu and price here. Food has good presentation and taste, their satay and MiMPi pizza are delicious!

Complementary breakfast: You can choose from Balinese, Indonesian, American, Continental and MiMPi style according to your own preferences. We ordered American and MiMPi style breakfast. We highly recommend to try their MiMPi breakfast because the local taste is SO GOOD! especially the mee goreng and avocado/tomato bruschette (I supposed? haha) 

On the other side, I wish the American breakfast could be better because by looking at the plating, it looks so empty. I mean, an usual Big Ben breakfast from any cafe could easily win this off. 

Complementary teabreak: We did not expect this coming as we have never had any complimentary teabreak in any hotel before!! The tea break time starts at 430pm so you can enjoy it with your evening swimming/jacuzzi time. Just imagine you are soaking in jacuzzi with cuppa coffe in hand, oh and with a bite of buttery cookie - heavenly.


Overall experience - Verdict: 4/5

We have experienced once a lifetime experience here in MMP - earthquake. It happened around 2am in the midnight which we were awakened from the shake of 6.9 magnitude (which we got to know the next day from radio). My mind was totally blanked out when it happened, all I could think of was 'DAMN AM I GOING TO DIE ON A MOUNTAIN?! '  while HP still being a blur from his sleep. Thank God it stopped after 30 secs (which I swore it felt so much longer!) and nothing happened. However we were shocked that outside villa was surprisingly quiet and the staffs did not check on the guests either haha. The next day our driver told us it is not special to have earthquake in Bali so nothing to be worried about. But still, unforgettable and scary.

Overall stay experience is very pleasant! We were luckly to have found a beautiful and transquil place to rest in Bali. It is an impressive stay! I would definitely want to be back again, for sure!! but when my bank account is full again :P 

Good: Service, ambience, facility and their 'programs', good coffee

Bad: Price not pocket-friendly, wish the breakfast could be better 

Disclaimer - Not sponsored.