New Earth Haven

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

New Earth Haven is another new planet found in the world. This interesting stay is for the adventurous travelers, nature enthusiasts or anyone interested in Bio-Architecture. Hidden in the middle of rice field in the heart of Ubud, this accommodation contains all ideal factors for human inhabitants. Continue reading and we are sure it will add on to your next Bali bucket-list stay!

Location: Ubud
Room type: Luxury Healing Dome
Price: Low - SGD138.34 from Airbnb on 25 July 2018

First Impression

Location: 20 minutes car ride from Ubud Centre. Convenience is everything! It is very nearby to many famous Ubud attractions such as Ubud Art Maket and Tenggallalang Rice Field.

Check in: Process was smooth and fast. Complementary drinks and towels were served. The first thing captured my eyes was the stunning architecture design of the entire villa especially their dining block across the road (AKASHA Restaurnt). The bamboo structure and all the decorations immediately brought us into a relaxing ambience. We checked-in in the evening and it was so pretty when the lights were all litted up with purple sunset sky set as the backdrop. 

The Bio-dome hut

There are three types of domes available - Crystal Dome (Amethyst), Crystal Dome (Moonstone), and Luxury healing dome. When we booked through Airbnb we wanted to book Moonstone Dome however when we checked in we were given stay in Luxury healing dome. Although it is indded cool to live in a hut that resembles a coconut shell, we were a little disappointed because it was not what we initially wanted - The Moonstone Dome. 

We did not ask for change of villa because our mind changed the moment we entered our dome, it was so COZY and we really love the high bamboo celing as well as the open space concept.

The rustic pathway from check-in counter to our dome.

No aircon but cooling enough especially at night. There is a small fan provided you can use it if you want to. The downside are the security and insects. So a mosquito racket and a password-secured locker are provided to safekeep your valuables. 

Toilet and showering are all done outdoor. SO COOL BUT SO INSECURE.


Facilities and Activities

You don't have to be hotel guest to access the the villa facilities. I think by jusy visiting their AKASHA Restaurant and all the instagrammable spots, it is worth your trip here. 

Take a nap in the middle of rice field. Enjoyed the fresh air and birds chirping sounds when falling asleep. 

Have fun with the host dog. The beautiful girl Molly who followed us back to our dome and refused to leave. She left at night when we were sleeping and came back the next day morning to look for us! She was so sweet and cured our homesick missing our furboy Yogurt. There are 3 adopted dogs roaming around the villa.

Chiiling in the restaurant. I have never seen such insta-worthy restaurant ever in my life.The photo does not do it justice! The restaurant serves organic vegan food which is not really our thing, but we enjoyed their coffee and the quiet ambience here. 

Shisha. If you enjoy it you'd probably spend the entire afternoon here.

Take a dip at their pool. Honestly I find the pool is kinda small and dirty to swim in.

Chilling in your dome hut. As it was the last day of our Bali trip, we decided to have body massages in the villa. The masseuses came to our villa instead of us going out which was EVEN BETTER. We booked traditional balinese massage (1 hour) with price of 250k/pax.


Complimentary breakfast: As the concept emphasized on clean eating, all of the food served here are either raw or vegan. Sadly, we did not enjoy their breakfast at all however we did not think our opinions are being fair here 1) we are not vegans 2) we were not feeling well on that day.

Teabreak: Their coffee is suprisingly GOOD. I love how they serve brown sugar syrup instead of the normal sugar syrup which adds in so much fragrance to the coffee itself.

Dinner: We ordered mushroom pasta and nasi goreng. Taste normal and price is slightly on higher side.

Overall experience - Verdict 4.5/5

WE LOVE THIS PLACE. Although we did not enjoy the food here (which we are not bothered at all), we literally spent the entire day by just resting here without visiting anywhere else in the Ubud centre. We slept for almost 10 hours in our dome. I wish we will be staying in Moonstone hut next time when we come back and this time we will make sure we requested for it!

Good: Ambience, away from city-buzz, unique concept,  environment friendly

Bad: Average for cleanliness, bugs/mosquitos (but we do not mind at all!), security

P/S:  people with fear of bugs/insects, stray dogs or are light sleepers may want to consider other accommodation because at night there are a lot of sounds. But to a person like me who really enjoys sound of nature, I had one of the best sleep ever. 

Disclaimer - Not sponsored.