Roadtrip In Western Australia

Perth, Australia

Wanderlust is addictive and dangerous. Despite on tight budget, we could not control ourselves but booked our flight tickets impulsively to Perth after seeing photos of Quokka on our social media. After searching around about Perth, we noticed that there are quite a number of people commenting that Perth is boring and we started to doubt own decision. Undeniably, Perth is definitely not for the urban souls. However, for city residents like us who craves for nature escape all the time, we found ourselves had an unexpected crush on Perth.

Going a little bit further


We dropped by Yanchep National Park before heading straight to Pinnacles. There is a koala boardwalk however the koales were hiding among the tree braches that we did not get a good view of them. It is not an ideal place to have picnic here as kangaroos’ poo are everywhere. So watch where you step!

We had our lunch at Lobster Shack. As you entered, you may find it is filled with almost all tourists, but trust me, you don’t get to eat a fresh lobster meal like this every day!

The desert landscape


Bumpy car ride into the desert. Actually, our car rental company did not allow us to drive our rented car into Pinnacles. We finally understood why after going against the rule, the car was all covered with muds and the tyres with sands. We spend a good evening scrubbing our car! No worries about getting lost here because the way was clearly directed by the stones placed along the way.

We walked a bit further to look for taller stones and stones that were big enough to sit on. 

We had a great farmstay @ Northbrook before continuing our journey to Kalbarri the next day. This accomodation was really out of nowhere. I remembered we were searching in the dark along the highway that we went into a few abandoned factory? oh my. After a few calls to our host, we finally managed to get to the place. Only until the next morning we knew how it actually looked like, so pretty! The most exciting part was that we spotted two wild kangaroos hopped past our house he moment we opened our door early in the morning, so lucky!

We enjoyed our morning coffee while watching the sunrise and two farm horses eating hay in the barn. Anything gets more perfect than this?

Our first quadbike experience

Wagoe beach

To be honest: the pink is disappointing as it is barely visible. As our car drove past, we did not even notice that pink lake was just beside us. Probably we were too early and the sky was still dark. The colour became more obvious as the sky turned brighter. 



The secret activity in Kalbarri - Quadbike at Wagoe beach. I was really thrilled throughout the entire ride, probably because i was not the one driving and I got to enjoy the view without having to worry about driving safely or listening to the instructor hahaha. HP did not complain a single bit so I guess he enjoyed the driving part too. A small refreshing will be given by the tour guide to complement with this surreal scenery. We even spotted dolphins far! 

The nature's window

Nature Window, Kalbarri

On our way the the nature's window.  Kalbarri is huge! It is impossible to finish all spots in a day as all of the natural views are scattered around and require a bit of walking or hiking.

  • Get a map! (you may find maps at roadside as you drive along the way, snap a photo of it).
  • Get your sunscreen, glasses and hat ready as you may get sunburn easily
  • Prepare an insect repellent (so many flies there omg!!)

The nature's window oversees the entire desert! very breathtaking. I think that it would be a lot more enjoyable to come around evening time as the weather would be so much tolerable to enjoy the scenery. We did not linger here for long as the temperature was about 35 degree celsius and the annoying flies made us so uncomfortable. Nevetheless, it was quite an experience to witness Kalbarri's most iconic landscape.

Fun stay at airbnb

Perth City

The Host dog at our airbnb stay who contantly asking for belly rubs! He actually rolled down from the sofa after this photo was taken HAHA! He entertained us so much during our breakfast. Definitely a 5-star for his excellent service!

Our only destination today - Caversham wildlife park. There are several attractions in the park such as Farm Show, Molly's Farm, Meet the Wombat and Friends, Feed the Kangaroos and Meet the Koalas. The mose exciting part has to be feeding the kangaroos because you get to interact wiht them so closely. You can get kangaroo food for free and take as many photos as you want. 

Last day - The famous blue boat house

Peth City

Had brunch at a random cafe hidden in an alley. 

Definitely not missing out blue boat house before we fly back to Singapore.

Purple Jacaranda was halfway blooming across the city when we visited. Not spectacular enough, still thrilling to see. 

What we like most?


Despite having to crack our head for a full 4 days itinerary, we were satisfied with our experience with Perth, credits to the picturesque scenery and adorable animals which really lightened up our trip. Besides, for the affordable flight fares, I guess we could not complain much :)