The Heart Of Switzerland - Lucerne

Lucerne, Switzerland

There are just so many things that we are impressed with Lucerne - the turquoise water, the swans, the chapel bridge, and the unique look of the steeples. If you are looking for a place to relax and to be mind-blown by picturesque sceneries, Lucerne is in your bucket lists!

The pristine lake

Lake Lucerne

There are many ways to explore Lake Lucerne. As always, we opted for walking. Alternatively, you can go for boat cruise around the lake. The pleasant weather along with the elegant swans as well as the the sparkling turquioise water made the perfect morning treat for us.

As you walked further along the pavement, you will find a park where people just lay there reading books, couple sit by the benches, and some playing outdoor games.

The iconic Chapel Bridge

Chapel Bridge

The Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke) stretching out and linking two towns across the Reuss river caught our attention from far. It is the main tourist attraction in Lucerne and it is by far the oldest surviving wooden bridge in Switzerland! The talllest tower standing proud in the middle of the bridge is Wasserturm, which was used as prison and torture chamber in the oldern days. 

View captured when walking on the bridge. I wouldnt mind waking up to this view everyday. Everything here is so dead gorgeous.

No doubt Switzerland is more expensive to travel as compared than other countries, we really regretted for planning such a short stay here because apart from transport fees, we did not spend much! There are so many free things to do!

The memorial lion

Lion Monument

The Lion Monument, which is carved into the side of a cliff represents the Swiss mercenaries who were executed during the French revolution. As we looked closer we spotted the lion was actually wounded and sleeping with his weapons and shields. The pool of water adds on reflections for the monument which makes it very magnificient to look at. This photo does not justify how huge the monument is when seen with real eyes. 

Dining in restaurant here is never in our plan because it is very pricey. One plate of fish & chips in a small cafe here can cost up to SGD30-40. We settled our dinner from a random grocery store.



We departed to Zurich and spent our last morning here before flying to our next destination: Venice. The croissant burgers at Zurich station were so delicious! You can choose to eat it cold or request to staff to heat it up for you.

Grossmunster, which is a cathedral, resembles so much like twin towers in Kuala Lumpur!

Zurich lake is very photogenic with all the colourful buildings surrounding it. The green steeple seen from far is the famous Fraumunster church. We did not visit the churches because it is chargeable.