Tokyo Where Ancient And Modern Meet

Tokyo, Japan

There is no other city like Tokyo. Being a modern city, I love how the people there remain civilised and take great pride in keeping their country clean. I love how people respect their culture and keeping the traditional while catching up with the technology. Two days are never enough to explore everything in Tokyo, however we were able to make full use of it and we really hope we will be able to be back here some day.


Narita AIrport

Our first meal when arriving in Narita Airport. We took about one hour to arrive in Shinjuku with JR Narita Express (3000 yen). While still too early to check in our airbnb, we dropped our luggage at lockers which we found in Shinjuku metra station. Shinjuku metr station is the busiest station in Tokyo, so be prepared to get lost and confused haha. We purchased Tokyo 3 days pass from instead of JR pass because of our short stay in Japan. 

Gloomy first day

Asakusa / Shinjuku

Sensoji temple at Asakusa. It was so very crowded on that morning and humidity made us so uncomfortable. People were squeezing each other with umbrellas and some were even trying to capture photos even when it was drizzling. Saw a few girls in kimono and I could feel how frustrated they could be to have bad kimono shots haha

I guess there is nothing like bad day in Japan! We got cheered up by the food we found along the Nakamise shopping street! I love the mochi that is located near the entrance. It is coated with yellow bean powder I believe? and the interesting thing we realized here is that they do not allow you to eat while walking and they have allocated area for customers to finish their food before leaving to other places.

Dinner at Isomarusuisan . You can find varieties of fresh seafood and sashimi here. The most fun part is that you can grill your own seafood. Order the grill crab miso! It is so heavenly and savoury!!  We went to Odakyu Store after dinner to look for HARBS Lumine. Due to the long queue we did not dine in there, instead we packed the cakes home and by the time we got home, the cake did not look presentable anymore haha! The fruit cake is so goood! Miss Tokyo already

Everything goes according to plan until we found ourselves stranded at the metro station as the rain got heavier, but that did not defeat our travel spirit! We decided to explore Shinjuku first so that it would be more convenient and nearer to check into our airbnb later. We had no choice but to purchase umbrellas from convenient store. Despite the rain made everything so inconvenient but the neon lights reflections made the Kabukicho streets looked even more unique and vibrant. 

The beckoning lucky cats temple

Gotokuji Temple

Gotokuji temple is such an underrated attraction in Tokyo. Hidden in a quiet neighbourhood, you may just miss the birthplace of maneki-neko, the fortune cat. As much as we knew that at the later part of our trip in Kyoto we would have endless temples to visit, we sitll made time to travel to this unique temple. The cutest part is that you will find different sizes of maneki-neko figurines at the most random places in temple. 

Met a cute corgi in the neighborhood!

Exploring the hipster neighbourhoods

Harajuku / Shibuya

Strolling at Harajuku Street, you may find a lot of crepes shop and Santa Monica being the most famous and prettiest one.

Cotton fluffy sugar everywhere😍☁️☁️

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I insisted in getting the biggest cotton candy from Totti Candy Factory just for photo-taking purpose haha (girls being girls), It is like triple the size of my head!!

Located in an unnoticeable underground, Red Rocks restaurant was filled with people during lunch hours. They are very generous with the beef portions and for that I think really worth the money.

Crossing the busiest street in Tokyo, Shibuya Street.

Even the vending machines make great OOTD spot. #doitforthegram

Next level of animal cafes in Tokyo

Hedgehog Cafe

Shibuya has so many animals cafe and you should definitely visit at least one of them. I remembered googling through some exotic animal cafe such as rabbit, snake, owl, and hedgehog. I chose to go for hedgehog cafe despite they have the most expensive rate as compared to other animal cafes (15-16 sgd for 30 minutes, not inclusive of any drinks but will be given a small bucket of fried worms to feed the hoggies). I must say that I was really excited to hold a hedgehog because I have never seen a real one in my life. They are not shy to be carried at all, but after a while, they would struggle a bit and want to go back to nest. We did not really handle them a lot because we were unfamiliar how to hold them so we just quietly adored them snuggling one another into sleep #AWWW

Not your ordinary ramen experience


Tokyo tower resembles so much like Eifeel tower in Paris. Although it is not as huge and magnificient as Eiffel tower, it still carries its own distinctive charm in its metal structure. We did not go up the tower as we thought that the night view would be so much nicer. However due to itinerary planning, we did not manage to visit here at night. We headed back Shinjuku for shopping after taking a short scroll around the tower and found nothing much to do here. 

Joinied in the queue for Ichiran Ramen because it was so popular. After purchasing our order tickets from the automated vending machine, we were given a form to circle our preferences for our ramens (soup base, thickness, spicy level, garlic etc). The staff then directed us to empty cubicles for seating, individually. We really love the brilliant concept of eating with privacy! The ramen was served through the blinds. You dont even get to see the chef's face, only his hands haha. 

The ramen was so good that I still dream about it sometimes!

  • Dont finish your soup if you still wish to refill noodles because they dont accept orders for extra soup.

We found a hidden laneway in Shinjuku called Omoide Yokocho (memory lane). After leaving the bustling Kabukicho street, the red-lit lanterns and the retro atmosphere made us feel as if we were in old Japan! 

The happiest place on earth

Tokyo DIsneyland

Eating our way through some of the best food in Tokyo Disneyland.

Our first disneyland visit was in Paris about 3 years ago and it has always been in our bucketlist to visit all disneylands in the world. This year, HP suggested me to dress up as Minnie (well.... since im running out of idea what to wear, why not?) The initlal moment i stepped out of my airbnb I felt really uncomfortable because it was 6am and I looked so... odd haha.  But the moment I entered Disneyland, I felt like I looked completely legit haha. The reason we chose Disneyland over Disneysea was that I still prefer the classic experience of disneyland like meeting the characters and more castles theme.

We were so lucky because it was their 35th anniversary celebration with the theme of 'happiest celebration'. Every corner was decorated for the celebration, they even have their anniversary song and parades!

While i thought I was being exaggerrating, there I saw the REAL FANS. It was an eye-opening to see how far extend people can go on cute stuffs. I mean, look at the amount of plush toys on her bag! true love indeed.

Turkey drumstick. Verdict 2/5. Meat is not tender nor juicy, took about 40 minutes to queue.

I love how the kids here dressed up so on point as disney characters! 

My tsum tsum medicure specially painted for my disneyland visit! Fyi: This gel medicure only lasted for a week because I have to get back to work next week. and you know, nurse cant get their nails painted #truesadstory #nurselife #stillbeingextraallthetime

The fireworks were cancelled due to poor weather on that night. Although we had so fun with all the rides, parades and food in disneyland, there were so many disappointments as compared to the one in Paris but that does not make us want to visit other disneylands any lesser! To us, it still remains as the happiest place on earth!