Unexpected Crush With Perth

Perth, Australia

Wanderlust is addictive and dangerous. Despite on tight budget, we could not control ourselves but booked our flight tickets impulsively to Perth after seeing photos of Quokka on our social media. After searching around about Perth, we noticed that there are quite a number of people commenting that Perth is boring and we started to doubt own decision. Undeniably, Perth is definitely not for the urban souls. However, for city residents like us who craves for nature escape all the time, we found ourselves had an unexpected crush on Perth.

Always visit the local market!

Fremantle Market

We love visiting local markets in every country we visit because they are always so packed with atmosphere! Fremantle market is such a signature market that you should pay a visit for its mixed vibes between traditional and hipster! There are wide ranges of natural goods and trendy food which are worth of your calories ( and belly of course)! Even if f you never plan to buy anything, I am sure you will sure walk away with something! or maybe thats just the shopaholic me hehe.  OH YES!! AVOCADO BURGER does exist! thats a whole freaking avocado being cut into half and stacked with pulled meats from Flaimes WA. Now you can burger with no guilt at all! Chinese buns from What the Bao were also not bad!

First thing first! Feed our hungry souls.

We parked our car at the Fremantle Prison and walk over to Fremantle market.  Fremantle Prison is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. We skipped the prision tour because we just werent really interested in it! However it turned out to be OOTD-worthy 




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Esplanade park (walking distance from Fremantle Market). Come and stay here for a short while after your breakfast at the market! If you happened to visit with your kids, the more you should come bacause they have so many playground structures and swings for all different age groups!

Visiting Perth’s wildlife reserves

Penguin Island

It took about 40 minutes drive from Fremantle and a 5 minutes ferry rides. You will walk past a beautiful beach before reaching the jetty! TheThere were about 10 penguins in the fenced shelter. You can freely walk around to adore them but there are a few feeding sessions to watch too. They are really cheeky as you can see how they attempted to steal fish from their friends! 

Just a few friendly tips!

  • There is no cafe here, bring your own food! (or packed from Fremantle market)
  • Dress thicker because the wind can get strong
  • You can pre-book your ferry tickets online on https://www.penguinisland.com.au/ (27 AUD for round trip). 
  • Explore the lookouts, cliffs or beach on the island. Or just take a peaceful nap ❤


Best spot to catch sunset in Perth

Cape Peron

What welcomed us when we were getting off our car was a friendly furry friend! I am really envious people living in countries that allow their dogs to run freely around on the beach or across the field. How I wish yogurt could be here someday, just chasing freely.

As we walked across the beach, we found a sunset lookout point then we climbed up the cliffs for a more complete view. In every trip we go, we always make sure we catch at least one sunset in the place. Sunsets at Cape Peron are magical and life-changing. When living under skyscrappers like Singapore, moments like this are a luxury, at least to us, who work from daylight to night. My heart was so full by watching the sun slowly set down, as if it was a reminder telling us to stop striving at this moment and to rest. 

'Twas a good day'

The Jetty Trail

Busselton Jetty

We decided not to set any alarm and woke up naturally today. ( Best feelings ever when you don't have to set an alarm for next day, hands up if you agree!) We took our own sweet time making breakfat in our airbnb and only departed at 11am. It took us about 2.5 hours of driving down south to Busselton Jetty from Fremantle.

The view was so breathtaking that the pictures don't do it justice. The BLUE WIDE SKY!  You can choose either to take the electric train or walk the 1.8km jetty.There is a small fee of $4 for jetty day pass which gives you access to the jetty walk, train, fishing and other activities. We chose to walk the jetty because we really wanted to take time to enjoy the view. But at the same time, we just wanted to kill time bacause Perth does not have much attractions to rush anyway haha

What we made from the ingredients we shopped from @ Coles.

At the end point of the jetty. 1.8km of scrolling did not seem to be that long when there are so many photography opportunity and things to see!! #Doitforthegram

There are several restaurants and cafe that you can grab a bite or a cup of coffee while enjoying the unparalled beach view. We grabbed a cup of hot latte and people-watching on the beach until late afternoon.

Winery visiting @ Laurence.

We spend the rest of our evening at Margaret River. Dropped by the popular Millers ice-cream if you have spared time. They use fresh cow milk from their own family farm to give the ice-cream extra creamy texture! Don't settle for only one scoop!

The Chocolate Company with wide varieties of award-winnning chocolates and gourmet products. Free samples of chocolate pellets in a big stainless steel bowl are available! We regretted not buying more back home :( 

Say HI to the happiest animal in the world, QUOKKA!

Rottnest Island

If all the quoka's photo does not melt your heart, I don’t know what else does. I cant remember how many ‘AWWWWWW’ I have said on that day. Just a short ferry ride away from port of Fremantle, there are so much to offer on a small island like this. We spent the entire day exploring and spending time with these little fur balls. Of course, we have taken 9823749274098 shots just to get the right selfie. I mean, who can resist taking a cute selfie with quokka!


Easy tips:

  • Quokka are really shy, so get your camera ready all the time.
  • Ignore all the stares ( thats an important first step to good pictures!) 
  • Lure them with their natural food.

Fish n Chips is a must!

Kailis Fish Market

The best fish n chips in Fremantle @ Kailis Fish Market! Not sure if this the same across Australia, we were only given one small packet of chilly sauce and they charge if you ask for extra. For typical asians like us, it is really hard to eat chips without any sauce! In Singapore, you can take chilly/tomato sauce as much as you want without any charges. Lesson learnt: always bring a bottle of chilli sauce in your picnic bag. It is a life saver.

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