Venice, The City Of Love

Venice, Italy

Venice, well known as city of romance, is a city without roads but only canals. It radiates an unique old, antique charm with its rippling canals, bridges, colourful glassy arts, and its glorious venetian history. The favourite part of our visit to Venice is definitely indulging in sunset on a Gondola. Up till now, we are still reminiscing the love we felt in Venice.

Tia mo, Venice!


Flying from Zurich and landed in Marco Polo airport via Swiss airline, we purchased ATVO bus tickets from airport to Piazzale Roma in Vernice. Our airbnb was located nearby Santa Lucia station which was about half a km from the bus drop-off place. FInding our airbnb was not easy because for visitors like us, every alleys and turns looked the same. We were so excited when checking in because our house was literally floating on water! Still early, we decided to stroll around the houses before hitting all the hot spots. Venice was already crowded early in the morning, probably due to its popularity among tourists as well as the locals trying to catch up with the tourists business.

Trying to coax the pigeons into standing on my arms but never successful because I have no food for them haha. Nonetheless, HP managed to capture a beautiful photo with his gopro.

Piazza San Marco.

rying to coax the pigeons into standing on my arms but never successful because I have no food for them haha. Nonetheless, HP managed to capture a beautiful photo with his gopro.

We were lucky enough to spot a venetian lady dressed in a traditional costume ( what a masterpiece! ) The Renaissance fashion, yes?

Next to St Mark's square is the Saint Mark's Basilica, covered mostly in gold mosaics.

Catching sunset on a gondola


Riding gondola in Venice can be expensive, but you can avoid being scammed by comparing prices between different operators or share it with strangers.

We were so lucky to bump into two london girls, which were asking around for gondola prices and later on we shamlessly asked them do they mind to share with us. Of course, they gladly said yes!

Half the price but double the fun!

Setting off our enchanting ride!

We opted for the Grand Canal tour ( which is sightly more pricey) but we did not regret at all!

The sunset on Grand Canal was absolute beauty. On the right side you can see the Doge's Palace.

Off to bed! We couldnt contain our excitement to visit burano tomorrow.

Murano or Burano?


Murano clock tower and the "Comet Glass Star which was sculptured by the master glassmaker Simone Cenedese.

Murano and burano are two famous islands yet they are distinctive in their own ways. Murano is an glass-making island, there are many glass-blowing workshops and demonstrations by the talents on the island which show you how the glass is heated and moulded into all shapes of art. Murano glass art is remarkable, if you are impressed, there are souvenir shops selling pieces that are local-made. 

Colours sprinkled houses


Love the colourful painting and the drapping curtains in bold contrast!

All shades and colours of pint-sized houses. Out of all, I love this one the most!

Drinkable water from the tank.

Display at one of the souvenir shops.

We wondered how did the dogs actually get to the island? haha (notice the doggie pooping!)

Last day in Venice

Santa Maria della Salute

With no intentions to visit here, we found this beautiful cathedral while aimlessly strolling along the streets.

Beautiful venetian masks selling in souvenir shops.

Thats a wrap, my lovely folks! We really had fun visiting this city of romance and we were so grateful to visit here as a couple. Let us know if we made Venice one of your bucket-list destinations!