Why You Should Add Munduk to Your Bali Itinerary

Munduk, Bali, Indonesia

Munduk is an underrated destination in Bali as compared to the popular Nusa islands or Ubud. During our first visit to Bali two years ago, we have not heard about Munduk at all! So here we are to explore the hidden gem and escaping from the burning heat of Bali. What we love the most here are the cooling weather, the untainted nature and most of the places are uncommercialized!

The Most Iconic Temple In Bali

Tamblingan Lake

The moment we stepped out of our car we had the warmest morning greetings from two little puppies! which belong to the local families staying around the lake. I had to say that I had no resistance at all when it comes to dogs. I could not help myself but to play with them although I knew I shouldnt due to safety purpose but i just cannot control myself :p 

Tamblingan lake is located in located in Buleleng Regency and is blessed with green hills surrounding it. It is about 5-10 minutes drive from our stay, despite we departed as early as 630am to catch sunrise, by the time we arrived the sky has already turned bright! Should have come even earlier! Nonetheless, at least we were able to catch some orange pink hues in the sky! yay

Boat renting business here is mostly run by the locals staying nearby. However the public facilities and the wooden boats I would say were pretty basic which means nothing fancy here. What makes it a treasure are the lush vegetation and the tranquil experience. We rented the boat with 200k rupiah where we were brought to a lookout point. You can choose to go further with 30-40k rupiah. 

It's Not All Rainbow And Unicorns

Handara Golf & Resort Bali

Handara Gate gained its massive exposure on social media platform and is now one of the most iconic Bali photos in Instagram. 

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It was A BIG SAD FACEEE that we did not take any photos with the gate despite after paying a small fee. We visited there pretty early in the morning however there was a wedding photoshoot on-going for about 30-40 minutes hence the queue piled up! Also partly due to some people were really inconsiderate by taking 2489274917410941 shots although having an obviously long queue there. 


Wanigiri Hidden Hills

Wanigiri Hidden Hills is another more affordable option if you do not want to pay for the expensive Bali Swing. Entrance fee is 30k rupiah per person, usually including a nest, swing and different design of bamboo lookouts. Specially made for Instagram photos, these lookout points for Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan became instantly famous with thousands of tourists checked in here since mid-2017. There are two different 'playgrounds' along the road and one is more famous than another. Obviously I went in to the wrong one because I was not aware the more famous one was at the front! But its okay, still overlooking the same lake! :p

You can play the swing for endless times until you are happy and satisfied. The staffs are friendly and ready to take photos for you from the best angle. Safety precautions with belts and nets are there so need not to worry. The adrenaline pump is awesome!

Don't Buy Me A Mansion, Bring Me To A Flower Farm

Marigold farm

Marigold farm can be easily spotted across Munduk and so sorry I could not provide any specific location for this but believe me it is EVERYWHERE. However if you drive between Kintamani and Bedugal, the marigold flowers are usually more blossomed.

We actually wanted to purchase some of them from the farm owners however thanks to our driver's communication in their language, we managed to get a few for free! We felt so paiseh and wanted to pay them a small fee however they insistedly declined. They were so happy to see us getting so excited over their plantation haha. Love the kindness of locals here. 

Off The Beaten Path

Banyumala Twin Waterfall

In order to get there, you have to get through a 30 minutes hike trail which is steep and untainted. Entrance fee was charged at 15k per person. Banyumala Waterfall is one of the lesser known waterfalls in Bali and it is not overwhelmed by tourists at all. Other than having another couple in that waterfall during our visit, we almost enjoyed the waterfall all by ourselves. You can also cross the bridge to enjoy the panoramic view of the waterfall. According to our driver, he said that the waterfall was once blue in colour and the waterpour streams were so much bigger. He added that it was probably due to the widdening of the top of waterfall. 

Visit & Stay In The World Rated Top 3 Infinity Pool's Resort


Munduk Moding Plantation is another highlight of our Munduk visit. Their infinity pool is rated world's top 3 and I must say that our stay is not disappointing at all! Besides the pool, their jacuzzi and plantation are equally insta-worthy as well.

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